We provide high end data analytics to retailers and distributors, collected from the shelves with our modules, censors, and cameras.


Get real-time data of each and every product sale.

Improve handling of supply chain and re-stocks.

Track better in-store inventory.

Gain detailed insights on coolers, fridges and offtakes.

Improve customer experience and loyalty.

Optimize use of in-store staff.

Reduce shrinkage and fraud.

Learn which shelves are more popular and when.

Optimize product and equipment placement.

Make informed decisions with real-time 24/7 data to boost sales.

Desktop Version

Take advantage of special designed software:

Professional easy to use software

Take informed decision at the right time

Create customized alerts for your employees

Different levels of access

Our video

Short explainer video about how it works.


Efficiency in every detail

Uses modules, sensors and cameras to collect information;

Is suitable for AB testing and data analysis;

It is more efficient than any other technology;

Recognizes planogram using real-time snapshots;

Measures cooler, freezer and product temperature;

Compares off-take against door opening;

Let’s you set up customized alerts for out of stocks.

Our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.


15 years Experience in FMCG

Successfully launched, leading and stabilization of distribution company.

Successful release of retail business in partnership with international investors.


Inspired by vast possibilities of telemetry, while running M2M projects at telco, having a Director of Marketing and other retail positions in his background as well as extensive telecommunication practitioner experience, he keeps generating witty smart solutions

Leading Coder

Likewise a musician, Yanni, who developed his own system of writing musical scores, Dima is unparalleled in swiftness and originality of his approach to coding

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